If your looking for:
* Seamless Epoxy / Urethane Flooring Installation
* Seamless Epoxy / Urethane Floor Cleaning and Repairs (Any System)
* Custom Logo's (Including Full Color)
For Your:
* Automotive Service, Write-Up, Show Room or     * Restaurant Kitchens
"Fast-Lube" Area.
* Firehouse, Ambulance or Rescue Station              * Basements
* Commercial or Residential Garage                        * Decks / Patio's
* Industrial Facility                                                     * Animal Housing / Care
* Retail Facility                                                           * Athletic Floors

Flooring Systems We Install:
CRI-QUARTZ 3000 (for more information on Cri-Quartz 3000 click Here)
Versa-Tile / Versa-Deck
Sherwin Williams
Aquafin (SG-2)
Cri-Vapor Block 4000
* Be sure to ask about our "Fast" Lube OVERNIGHT Clean
and Repair Special ! *
That's right, we will come to your facility when you close:
- Completely power scrub and degrese your floor
- Fill and top coat all minor repair spots
And your back to work the next day!  All for less than
$.60 / sq.ft.
(2,000 sq.ft. min. E. PA, E. MD, DE, So. NJ,
No. VA)

Heavy Duty Double End Squeegee      $      45.00 + S&H
High Impact Mats (2'x4')                    $     129.00 + S&H
Tire Chain Protective Mats                 $    750.00 + S&H
Rubber Parking Pads (8' x 17')            $    650.00 + S&H
Touch-Up Kits (1 quart)                     $      55.00 + S&H      
Logo's (One Color)                            $     900.00
Logo's (Ea. Additional Color)              $     300.00
CRI-Clean 3000 Citrus Cleaner           $       75.00 + S&H
System Descriptions:

CRI-QUARTZ 3000 - Our own unique blend of
epoxy, silica and ceramic fillers, topped off with
a chemical, UV and abrasion resistant. aliphatic

CRI-FLAKE 3000 - A decorative system
utilizing the same quality materials and adding a
decorative flake design with endless color and
design possibilities.

CRI-COLORED QUARTZ 3000 - Our most
decorative system by which the color of the
system is derived from the colored quartz which
is broadcasted into the base coat of the system.  
Again the color combinations are endless.

CRI-FLEX 3000/4000 - The perfect solution
for busy Automotive and Animal Care projects.  
This system is flexible, thereby allowing the
system to bend instead of break when items are
dropped on it or when a crack develops in the
concrete below.  The soft rubber feel is perfect
for the pads on the bottom of animal feet.
"Reflecting the Right Image for Almost 40 Years"