About Our Business


Criterion Fire Station Flooring  is one of the oldest epoxy / urethane flooring installers on the east coast.  We have been in this
business since 1973.  That is more than 40 years of experience! We created a high build system called
Thanks to new developments in the polymer industry, we've developed an improved system and now introduce to you the next
generation in high build flooring:

"CRI-QUARTZ 3000"  

Concrete Floors are More Fragile Than You Realize.
Corrosive spills, dropped items and heavy traffic all work to wear away at the very porous nature of your concrete floor.  What
seems to be a formidable, hard, long wearing surface, is easily chipped, stained and unsafe.  As a result, the job of cleaning and
maintaining the floor is never ending.

Paints and Sealers Don't Cut It.
Conventional methods for protecting your concrete floors simply don't work. Although paints and concrete sealers are relatively
inexpensive and easy to apply, they offer no abrasion or chemical resistance, peel under hot tires, and can be easily chipped or
scraped off  the surface.

Our Process is the Benchmark in Floor Resurfacing.
For over 40 years we have been resurfacing concrete floors.  We understand that a properly prepared surface and a high quality,
long lasting finish go hand in hand.  Our experience gives us the confidence to say that no other process can match ours for

Here's How We Do it.
First we meticulously prepare the floor by thoroughly cleaning and removing any oil and contamination from the top surface.  
Then, we shot blast or power grind the floor to ensure that our unique materials will tenaciously adhere to the floor.  Next, we lay
down the CRI-EPOXY 3000 resurfacing agents.  This 3-5 step process (depending on system) consists of specially formulated
100 % solids epoxies, polyaspartic and low VOC urethanes, and high-grade chemically treated quartz that creates a monolithic,
armor-like surface that is extremely durable.  This combination of resurfacers and quartz is 100 times more impact resistant than
thin epoxy / urethane coatings.  We should know, we've developed these formulas ourselves.  What does this mean for your
floor?  It will stand up to years of hard use and will be easy to maintain and clean.  Also, because we formulate our own products
and install them ourselves, that means no "middle man".  You and your company will not have to be caught between an installer
and a materials manufacturer.  If you have an issue or a question about our product or our installation, we will be there for you
just as we have for more than 40 years.
Finally, we can complete your floor with what can be called the "wow" effect.  We can create customized floor designs and logo's
that will convey to your customers a simple but powerful message of pride, safety and neatness.

No More Blisters Caused By Moisture!
Our newly formulated CRI-Vapor Block 4000 Primer guarantees your floor for the life of the warranty against failure due to
vapor transmission or hydrostatic pressure (water vapor).  

Our Client's Satisfaction Speaks Volumes.
We have resurfaced concrete floors in every conceivable condition, from newly poured to pock-marked and peeling.  This
experience means that we can revitalize any concrete floor and offer a warranty on both the work and the materials against
delamination.  Our dedicated workmanship and high grade materials have put us in the forefront of this industry.  Just ask our

* General Dynamics                                              * ACE Hardware        * Jiffy Lube
*  NAHB (National Assoc. of Home Builders)      * B. Smith Restaurants
* Bristol-Myers Squibb (Certified Supplier)         * CAMP DAVID Fire Rescue Station
* Northtown Auto World                                * The Washington Capitols Hockey Team            
                                * Discovery Communications (Puppy Bowl Studio)

                        Maryland                             Delaware
                        PO Box 84                           1500 Eastlawn Ave.
                        North East, MD. 21901       Wilmington, DE 19802
                                            Phone: (410) 656-7546
"Reflecting the Right Image for over 40 Years"

Our mission is to install the safest, most durable
flooring systems available, while keeping perfection as
our goal and integrity as our guide.