CRI-QUARTZ 3000 (125 Mil) FIRE / EMS Bid Specifications

Floor preparation and application of an Epoxy/Urethane Floor Coating System to approximately
_____________________ square feet of floor area in Fire/Emergency facility, including: Apparatus Bay Area.

1.        Unless Cri-Vapor Block 4000 is specified, floor should be tested prior to installation using
calcium chloride vapor test kit to determine the moisture content. Use 1 kit per 1,000
Square Feet.

2.        All doorways must be diamond cut and system end inside cut to lock in the system.

3.        Shotblast and or diamond grind floor surface to remove old coatings and week concrete
providing an etched profile for improved bonding.  Equivalent to 80-grit sandpaper.

4.        Apply Moisture insensitive primer (2100 VB) or Cri-Vapor Block 4000.  If 2100 VB primer,
it must consist of a blend of the following:
a.        Emulsifiable liquid epoxy resin with reactive surfactant.
b.        Epoxy dispersion of a polymer particle with an average size of 8 microns or less.

5.        Fill in cracks and holes using 100% solids epoxy matrix.

6.        Apply high performance chemical and abrasion resistant self-leveling advanced
cycloaliphatic epoxy polymer system.

7.        Broadcast aggregate to provide impact and abrasion resistance to system.

8.        Allow system to cure and remove excess aggregate.

9.        Power sand floor surface to level and remove excess aggregate.

10.      Apply self-leveling epoxy as a fill coat.

11.      Apply two-component chemical and abrasion resistant, low VOC, aliphatic urethane top

12.      Install drive through in ______________color (if Tu-Tone Floor).

13.      Rebuild approximately  _____________ linear feet of concrete control joints using 100%
epoxy/quartz matrix and saw cut ¼” groove to allow for concrete expansions; and fill with
flexible pigmented epoxy filler. (if control joints need work).

14.      Install walkways in ______ color (for Tu-Tone floor).

15.      Install 5' Maltese cross logo: (Option).

16.      ________ Color (Floor color if one color floor).

17.      Total Floor System should have an overall average mil thickness of 125 Mil's (1/8"

18.      Warranty should be for 3 years (125 mil system).

19.      The flooring system must be the installer’s system.  Other manufacturer systems will not
be accepted.

20.      System must be capable of dissipating temperatures from hot tires, and guarantee that
the system will not de-bond from concrete due to load or heat from tires.

21.      Flooring Installation Company must install flooring system using it’s own employees. Sub-
contracted installers will not be accepted .

22.      Installation Company must have 10 years minimum of epoxy, quartz urethane high build
125 Mil (1/8") flooring system experience.

23.      Installation Company must have installed a minimum of 35 high build floors 125 Mil
(1/8") or more in Firehouse / EMS bay environments.

24.      Installation Company must be capable of offering a vapor transmission resistant system
with the ability of resisting up to 15lbs of hydrostatic pressure as measured by calcium
chloride test method.

25.      A minimum of 10 Firehouse High Build 125 Mil (1/8") floor installations must be submitted
with the bid and must include the name of the Firehouse / EMS company, a contact name
and telephone number.

                                        Ph: (410) 379-5065     Fax: (410) 379-8639

 “Serving Those That Serve Us For Over 40 Years”

                                  CRI-QUARTZ 3000 CONCRETE SPECIFICATIONS

We recommend new concrete to conform to the following:

1.)         Use minimum of 4000 psi grade concrete

2.)        Concrete slab should be a minimum of 6 inches thick

3.)        A high quality Vapor Barrier –
Suggest: Min 3.5 mil high density cross laminated                
See: ASTM-D-1593 or equivalent        

Note:  Vapor barrier must be overlapped and taped.
    Vapor barrier must be free from any ruptures and sealed around perimeter.

4.)        Concrete must cure for a minimum of 30 days.  Moisture level, after complete curing, should be less
 than 5%.

5.)        Concrete finish to be once over steel troweled.

6.)        Do not use fiberglass fillers.  If used, additional charges will be assessed to burn off protruding fibers
 following shotblasting process.

7.)        Do not use densifiers, deep penetrating sealers or dyes.

                               QUESTIONS: Call (410) 379-5065 or Fax (410) 379-8639



 "Serving Those That Serve Us For Over 40 Years"
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